Datasensor was founded at the end of 1999 in order to widen and consolidate its position in the fields of research, development and distribution of photoelectronic sensors as well as sensors for measurement and inspection for the industrial automation sector. The product range will be completed by an extensive assortment of inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors as well as temperature controllers. Until the year 1999 this product range was distributed by Datalogic as the leader on the market. Datasensor is a market-leading company in the field of photoelectric sensors, sensors for measurement and inspection, safety devices, vision systems and temperature controllers. Since the combining of DATASENSOR and DATALOGIC AUTOMATION in October 2008, we have widened our product range with barcode scanners and now we can offer you complete solutions for the industrial automation. In the near future we will replace successively the datasheets and particularly the product logo by the DATALOGIC logo.

For you – as our DATASENSOR GmbH client – there will be no change in no way because we will operate with you with the same sales team and the same service as usual. Our company, with our qualified support team offers a full concept from the beginning to the installation with service. As a result we have a complete solution for you. We cover almost all szenarios in the world of sensors and identification with barcode and rfid solutions. We grant modern technologies concerning development. We realize your plans very efficient and that´s how we grant your flexibility in the world wide market. Our technical support team will guide you from the start up to the installation. You can get in touch with our support team all the time with contract 12 hour response.